The Top Décor Items For Fall 2020

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Perfect touches to help your home channel autumn vibes

Crisp air, cooler weather, and changing leaves. Fall is approaching, and it is the perfect time to turn your home into a seasonal autumn escape. Fall décor can be fun, whimsical, and bring a hint of the outdoors inside.

Autumn provides a wonderful opportunity to “cozy up” your interior. You can enjoy all that fall has to offer outside, like orchards and pumpkin patches, and then return to your snug and homey abode. The right décor will bring the magic of the season to your den, living room, and even your kitchen. From rustic to refined, our top décor items for fall will have your home giving off major fall vibes.



How could you say no to this adorable owl? This small Bluetooth speaker has a big personality. In dusty pink, this cute woodland creature is the ideal way to add some autumnal atmosphere to your home. Both in décor and ambiance. It produces a bold sound and can travel with you from room to room. 

Relax to the sounds of a crackling fire in the living room or have a Halloween themed dance party in the kitchen. aOWL can help your décor soar into fall.



'Welcome' Patrón de Cuadros Doormat by


Fall porch décor is all the rage, and nothing screams fall like a plaid pattern. This doormat has a cozy red, yellow, and black checkered design. It is the perfect complement to your porch and is both functional and fashionable. It will pair well with pumpkins, crates, corn stalks, and whatever other fall foliage takes up residence on your porch. This quaint mat is so welcoming, you might just have all the neighbors stopping by.




Kunstinkaart City Maps by


Fall is the beginning of the holidays, and nothing is more inviting during the cooler months than home sweet home. These city maps are the ideal way to pay homage to your hometown, no matter where it is located. Available in a wide variety of color schemes, it is sure to match your décor, not only during the fall but also year-round. These maps are highly detailed, printed on glossy stock, and laid beneath durable plexiglass within a wooden frame. Each one lends a homey touch to your room, sure to warm your heart during the chilly months.




L'apéro Dark Amber / Stackable Bowls by

Nothing says fall like rich colors and dark hues. 

These nifty stackable bowls nest nicely into the form of a wine bottle. When stacked they work as a distinct and vintage-inspired centerpiece. Unstack them and you have four tinted glass bowls and a toothpick holder. This ingenious functional décor piece is sure to delight your guests all season long.




Flowers wall lamp set by

This gorgeous wall lamp will instantly become the focal point of your room. While its stamped flower design works well year-round, something about their delicate features gives off a fall vibe. Perhaps it is because they resemble pressed flowers, their vibrancy faded as they transition into fall. Whatever the reason, they pair very well with the dim glow of the #BOW bulb and the ingenious #TRIPOD oak wood wall lamp holder. This set will add some fall cheer to your space and is sure to be a conversation starter.




Castillo Candle by

Candles are a quick way to add the ambiance of autumn to a room. 

Their gentle flicker is reminiscent of chilly nights by the fire, and jack-o-lanterns aglow. But it isn’t just their appearance that makes them a top fall décor item, but also their scent. 

The aroma of the Castillo candle is described as cypress, salt + smoke. Inspired by “wafts of warming firewood in the fall and winter months”. Could the choice be any easier?




Dune Rug - by Poketo

A textured rug is a fun way to add more dimension to your space. This woven Jute rug is light and airy and pairs like a dream with deeper more moody autumn hues. If you have already decorated your space with darker tones this rug is great for adding a bit of softness and lightness. Thanks to its neutral appearance, you may just want to leave it on your floor indefinitely.




The Classic Pipe by

While this item is completely functional, just accidentally leaving it on the fireplace mantle can turn it into fall décor. Hand-carved from solid American walnut, this pipe brings all of the nostalgic vibes.

Fitting because it was crafted with grandpas pipe in mind. Pair it with a bottle of bourbon, a galvanized pitcher with your favorite foliage, and a few glasses and you have a useful, grownup, fall centerpiece.




Black Felt Letterboard by

Letterboards are definitely having a moment right now, and we love them because they transition so seamlessly from season to season.

You can make them say whatever you want, including “pumpkin spice and everything nice” or “if you were a ghost you would still be my favorite boo”. Add a little cheekiness to your fall décor and feel free to change it up as often as you want!



Glam Gold Alarm Clock by

This alarm clock can make your bedroom into a cozy nook. Its warm gold face is reminiscent of the golden autumn hues outdoors. However, it is also unobtrusive enough to pair well with your other bedroom décor and be used year-round. Aside from its gorgeous physical characteristics, it also makes an awesome alarm clock, complete with a snooze button.





This shelf will see you through fall and beyond. It is perfect for holding all of your spooky October decorations. Then, it provides ample hook space for all of your friends' scarves or jackets when you host your holiday get-togethers. But we didn’t mention the best part, it is much more than a shelf; it has an incorporated wireless charging station. Your guests can drop off their coats and leave their phones for a charge.




Table lamp 'Chloe' Dark green by

Could this table lamp get any more fall?

The dark green and earthy brown hues are a perfect complement to your fall room setup. It is just a little bit retro but also works well with modern décor. This is an awesome lamp for your bedroom, living room...any room!




Rusted Metal Map by

Who says fall décor has to be just for your home? Bring some autumn vibes to your garden with these rusted metal maps. These large installations are both vintage looking and extremely modern. The rusted metal appearance feels very fall and can warm up your green space. Made of Corten steel it has a long lifespan so you can enjoy it season after season.




House Sharpener by

Whether you are working from home or at the office, this iconic little house-shaped pencil sharpener will make time spent at your desk cozier. Available in classic wood with a red, white, or blue roof you can dream of fall days spent at a cabin in the woods while in your office.




FOREST oak wood lamp by

Everything about this naturally inspired lamp makes it one of the top décor items for fall. Natural oak wood or smoked oak wood. Gray, green, or black woven cable. The visible graining of the wood is natural decoration. You will be inspired to get outside and enjoy the fall weather then return home to your cozy abode, aglow with these gorgeous lamps.



Micro Rose Gold Lightbox by

This little micro rose gold lightbox is a wonderful way to get your message across! With its rose gold hues, it is ideal for fall and very on-trend. You can change it up to say whatever you like, it is truly boo-tiful!




Stoneware Pinch Pots by

Practical, natural, and excellent for fall these pinch pots are just begging you to get in your kitchen and make an apple pie. Perfect for spices, condiments, or even teas these gorgeous earthen pots can take up residence on your kitchen counter for the whole year. They are so neutral that they can transition with the seasons, just like the tasty goodies you can keep inside them!





Cuckoo EPL Black Clock by

What fall décor would be complete without a cuckoo-clock? These retro clocks have received a modern overhaul but the nostalgic little bird still makes it an ultimate fall décor item. Available in white or black this simplistic and sleek cuckoo will look appealing on your wall or table and suit any room color palette. We simply can’t pass up this reinterpretation, this fall or any season!




Get Decorating! 

Preparing your space for fall doesn’t have to be a complete overhaul. With a few well-placed touches here and there you can create the perfect autumn ambiance. The best part is that many of these top décor items for fall are so functional and beautiful that they will last you long beyond the fall season and will likely become regular residents.

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