Tips for Sprucing Up Your Home Office

The home office. What once may have been an occasionally used space can quickly become your daily command center when you find yourself working from home. Chances are when you designed or furnished your home office you didn’t do so with the intention of working from it daily.  As a result, it may not be as comfortable, practical, or inspiring as you hoped.



No one wants to work in a dysfunctional and lackluster office space. Such a place will likely make it hard to stay motivated. If your home office is desperate for a makeover, we have a few tips to help you spruce it up. Your space will become more appealing, functional, and pleasant!


Consider your Writing Surface

Maybe you found a behemoth of a desk second hand. Perhaps you used the only table you had available, which so happened to be a card table. Or, possibly your desk is perfectly functional. Truth is, if you are not comfortable working at your desk or table, you probably won’t want to work for long.



A great home office has a desk that is both functional and comfortable. This depends largely on your space and your working style. Corner desks make great options for small rooms or home offices that are in a shared space. If you want to get really fancy with your work surface you can have a desk custom designed and built.

But for most of us, as long as it is the proper height and size, it will work just fine. You might also want to consider a standing desk. These have recently become popular in corporate work settings but there is no rule against having one in your home!

A spacious desk, at an ergonomic height, with plenty of working surface and storage options, will make your work-from-home experience much more enjoyable.


Let Your Style Shine

A home office isn’t only about practicality and functionality. Your space should be inspiring and pleasant. You should look forward to the daily grind instead of dreading it on your commute down the hallway. After all, it is a home office, which affords you a bit more freedom of self-expression.


Your personal touches can flavor your window treatments, wall color, decor, and furnishings. Modern clocks can accentuate a clean, pared, down, and trendy home office. Add a dash of hygge with fluffy throws, a plush footstool, and even a vintage-inspired timepiece. Quirky art can act as a fun focal piece. Make your office a welcoming space where you can delight in going to work.


Embrace Green

Not the color, or sustainability, though both are great, but plants. Natural greenery is a wonderful way to bring the outdoors in. They can help to create a calming atmosphere so you can stay tranquil even while deadlines loom.



Plants also can clean the air, making your workspace just a bit healthier. Choose a low maintenance variety to keep your to-do list short and simple.

Consider Your Lighting


A huge bonus to working at home is the ability to change up your lighting. You can say goodbye to overhead artificial lighting. If your room allows, let in as much natural light as possible. Having a window in your home office is an awesome mood booster.



Lamps are another great choice. Table lamps or floor lamps will provide the focused light you need while keeping the atmosphere soothing instead of harsh. For a chic touch use string lights for a pop of playfulness.


Add a Rug


We have talked a lot about the furnishings, walls, and decor, but don’t forget what is under your feet. A cozy rug is a perfect touch to keep your home office, well, homey. A rug can add texture, be grounding, and absorb sounds. Ideal characteristics when your home office coworkers happen to be children or pets.

Opt for Optimization (Less is More)

Finally, optimize your space. While you want your workspace to be inviting and inspiring, don’t go overboard. A chaotic work environment can be overwhelming and harm your work motivation. Aim to find a balance between personality and productivity.


Optimize and organize your space. Even though you are working from home, try to keep your desk free of clutter. Organizers and containers to hold your supplies combined with filing systems to hold your papers can be very helpful. Additionally, most corporate offices are set up to accommodate cords for electricity and connectivity. While your home office may not be designed to efficiently route feet of wires, cord organizers and cable management boxes can do the job!


A Space You Will Want To Work In

Whether you are working from home for the long haul, or only planning to utilize your office here and there, you want it to be an enjoyable and comfortable space to be. Nothing helps make the daily grind less of a grind, like a functional yet fashionable office space that inspires creativity.


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