Crowd Farming Weekend Extravaganza! 🐄 🐏 🐑 🐐 🌳 🌳 🌳

We decided to invest all of this weekends earnings (and a little bit more) on Crowd Farming.  What is crowd farming, we just found about it too!  So here is Gonzalo explains it: 

I am Gonzalo Úrculo, farmer and co-founder of CrowdFarming. Together with my brother Gabriel, I started cultivating oranges and clementines in 2010 to recover the abandoned farm of our grandparents. To avoid the crisis in the agricultural sector, we set up a simple website that allows us to sell our fruit directly to the end consumer (or CrowdFarmer as we like to call them).

"Buying food is the most powerful every-day act available to anyone to generate a positive social and environmental impact."


Why Cloudnola and Crowd Farming

We get great fresh produce directly from the farmers, at the same time they can plan their crops/production accordingly reducing waste and maximizing their profit.  It's Win/Win

Who did we choose?

We adopted a Walnut Tree from farmer Miguel from Finca el Entredicho in Caravaca de la Cruz, Spain 

We get Peeled Organic Walnuts

We adopted "La Mata" and adorable sheep from farmer Antonio's flick in Marques de Mendiola, Spain

We get Cured + Anejo + Pickled Cheese

We adopted "O'Donnel" this cool looking goat from farmer Ivan Esteban's flock in Vega de San Martin, Spain

We get Soft, Semi Cured and Cured Cheese


We adopted a Pistacho Tree from farmer Marian and her Farm Dona Amor in Zamora, Spain 

We get a big ol' bag of pistachios. 

We adopted a clementines tree from Farmer Francisco's farm La Cueva in Fortuna, Spain

We get boxes of clementines

We adopted an olive tree form Laura's farm Proyecto Los Aires in Arcicollar Spain

We get Organic Extra Virgin oil of the Cornicabra Variety

We adopted a Avocado tree from Gloria Isabel's farm Finca Atalaya in Triana, Spain

We get a Tasty box of Guacamole to be aguacates.


This is an easy one!  Receive great food, empower farmers and hopefully visit them one day and see their operations first hand.  Specially meet O'Donnel.


Give it a try:   

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