About US

We made something new

We are young, we are happy.  

We have been in the industry for a long time; Renee as a designer and me on the sales side.  We have done the fairs, the presentations, the trip to factories, the sales meetings, all of it.  And you know what?  We do enjoy it. 

  • Now we do it our way. 
  • We work hard every day, but we also enjoy fairs until the last day. 
  • We see a trend - we jump on it. 
  • We like what someone else is doing - we partner up.

Our favorite non profit organization is Save a Sato - we make a point of donating to them every year.  Even on the down years.

With our Rainbow Flip Clocks we will donate parts of the proceeds to Rainbow Railroad.

We are looking to do better!

  • We are replacing as much plastic as we can from our packaging.
  • We look for better parts and materials so our items last longer and do not end up on a landfill
  • Rita repairs as many damage clocks as she can to keep them away from trash cans.  If they are "un-repairable" we take out the parts to be use as replacements for other clocks
  • We partnered up with organizations that plant trees but we couldn't see the impact so now I plant as many trees as possible myself :) - Long term goal is to have our own patch of land with a Cloudnola forrest
  • Our house is run with electric from a methane electric central.
  • We bike to work -This is mostly because everyone in Holland does but still less car emissions. 


Talk soon,

Renee y Ch