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Give Time

Give Time

We are a for-profit company but we care.  Give Time is the part of our company in charge of giving back.  We partner with people or organizations in order to make the world a better place. 

This includes no only outside projects like Little Dresses for Africa and Bee Farmers, but also reviewing internal process and practices to reduce our carbon footprint like new packaging and Tree's for All.

Below you can have a deeper look into our initiatives.

If you have a project that needs some Time. 
Send me an E-mail.  Christian@cloudnola.me


Tree's for All

On the works...

Better Packaging

As part of our commitment to the environment we want to eliminate our styrofoam use.  We are happy to announce that our new Factory Clock collection will be styrofoam free.  We hope soon to have all items styrofoam free, next on the agenda plastic free and clock recycling. 


Little Dresses for Africa

Rita's passion project.

We are happy to support Rita on her new passion project. She handmakes (machine makes) dresses for girls in Africa.

Rita has always had a passion for helping kids and sewing, this is the perfect combination of both. This is her own initiative but we are happy she lets us be a part of it now.

Cloudnola will cover with the cost of materials, so when you buy a clock you will be part of this too. :)



Bee Clock - Save the Bee's

When we sell the Bee Clock we donate part of the profits to Bee Farmers in Texas.

 A little Video Preview, more to come.