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Give Time

We are a for-profit company but we care.  Give Time is the part of our company in charge of giving back.  We partner with people or organizations in order to make the world a better place. 

This includes no only outside projects like Little Dresses for Africa and Bee Farmers, but also reviewing internal process and practices to reduce our carbon footprint like new packaging and Tree's for All.

Below you can have a deeper look into our initiatives.

If you have a project that needs some Time. 
Send me an E-mail.

  • Save a Sato
  • Tree's for All
  • Packaging
  • Little Dress for Africa
  • Bee Clock - Save the Bee's 


Save a Sato

Working on it!

Tree's for All

For 2020 we partnered with Trees for All is a dutch company which works hard to plant trees and restore existing forrest.  They plant in Holland but also in Costa Rica.   

Why Trees for All and Cloudnola

We want to offset the trash we generate with our packaging.  We already have deals in UK and DE for trash collection companies but we need to do more.  Trees for all is the most experience carbon offset foundation in Netherland they hace CBF Certification Learn more


To be Carbon Neutral




Better Packaging 


We need to make sure your clocks, mirror, hook or shelve gets to you in perfect condition.  At the same time we are committed to the environment we want to reduce/eliminate our styrofoam use.  


We love our fancy boxes for our items, but we love the planet more!  We have started the process of replacing all our boxes from Color Printed to no color 1 ink boxes.  What we loose in pizzazz we gain in helping the environment. 

Why Focus on Packaging

Packaging is an integral part of our business.  The more we can recycle and re-use the less impact it has on the environment. 


We hope soon to have all items styrofoam free or at least replace most of it with carton, next on the agenda plastic free and clock recycling. 

We will change the whole collection to the more Eco-Friendly Brown Carton with 1 ink by next year.  


Little Dresses for Africa

Rita's passion project

Rita have been sawing since very early in her life.  Now she is spend most of the days managing client orders and setting up logistic but on her time off she  makes dresses for girls in Africa. This is her own initiative but we are happy she lets us be a part of it now.

Cloudnola will cover with the cost of materials and shipping, so when you buy a clock you contribute to Rita making a little dress for a girl in Africa.

Why Little Dresses for Africa

Even thou it is not clock related, do we really need a reason to make dresses for girls in Africa?


This is an ongoing project Rita choose it was here before Cloudnola and hopefully it will be there way after Cloudnola.  With Cloudnola's help Rita can buy more fabric and make even more dresses. Rita even adds a Cloudnola (Morcilla) tag to the dresses the kids get their own limited edition Cloudnola Gear!



Bee Clock - Save the Bee's

Save the Bees

Our limited edition Bee Clock had its very own cause.  The clock looked like a bee comb and that inspire us to donate a piece of every sale to a bee farmer in Texas, so he can keep doing his mission.  

Why Bees

We need the bees in the world.  Sometimes they decide to start a nest in unconventional places (for humans not for them).  My good friend Hector has help rescue, relocate and give bee's a new house, this is the best alternative and should be the only alternative.  No need to call an exterminator. 


Even thou this project has ended we always keep in contact with our Bee Farmer and are here when needed.

 A little video update below.