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Factory Black on White Clock 45cm / 18 in

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Renee wanted a solid clock to be one of the pillars of Cloudnola.  The Factory clocks accomplish this feat.  Picture yourself back in the Gare du North in Paris, you are running to catch a train to Amsterdam and you look up, there you see the grandiose clock in the middle of the station, you got 5 minutes run to get a coffee and a croissant.  Or you were working 9 to 5 building cars in Detroit you are tired you look up it's almost quitting time.  This clock is inspired by all those clocks from our past that helped built today.  


The last clock you'll buy

Let me rephrase, the last clock you'll buy for that room.  The factory clock is built on a solid steel case which is made to last.  The silent mechanism, glass front, aged dial, and strong hands round up the high-quality components.


Clocks are timeless

You may think about why do you need a clock if you have a phone.  When the phone is out of charge where do you check the time?  Clocks are more than just time they are pieces of art.  They complete the decor and give it a finished look.  Next time you are watching TV look around the walls, there's always a clock.  Even in South Park!




Dutch Design Wall Mounted Silent Mechanism
Cloudnola Cares

 Technical Data


45 cm x 10 cm
17.7 x 3.9 inch


2.88 Kilo
6.35 pounds

Battery 1 AA Battery Not Included
Color Ivory
Time Analog




Frequently Asked Questions

How to hang it?

This strong case doesn't need anything else.  Put the Screw in the wall and hang it directly on the case.  Weaker cases may bend this is not the case with the Factory Clock.


Does it tick?

Nope! It is completely silent. 


Is the dial bright white or ivory?

Renee designed the dial to look dated or let's say ivory.  You don't need to wait 30 years for the clock to look retro.  It looks like it was taken straight out of Renee's dad's industrial laundry wall.

Why such a thick case?

Renee wanted to make a traditional durable clock.  The case is what houses all the components, by making it thick and solid steel this clock is assured to stay intact for a long time. 

Hey, the hand is loose!  Oh Noo!  I'm sending it back! >:(

No, no worries super easy to fix, look!

I want to see more!