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Factory Ivory Alarm Clock

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We found great success with the Factory clocks so we made them small enough to fit on your night table or shelve.  If you can buy the same shirt for you and your dog, why can't you buy the same clock for your beside and your wall. - Now you can.   The clear dial of this clock makes it easy to tell the time even half asleep.  Woke up in the middle of the night in a dark room?  It has light no need to turn on the whole room.


Alarm clock vs Cell phone

Yes!  We heard it before.  I use the alarm on my cell phone.


"the cool, bright light of a smartphone screen makes it much harder to go to sleep" -NY Magazine


You can't browse Instagram on an alarm clock until 3 am.  So ditch your phone, set the alarm, and fall asleep faster. 

Guest Room Upgrade

When people come to stay over 37% of the time they forget their phone charger.  By having an alarm clock for your guest -you do not have to surrender your charger and they can wake up at their own pace.  


Importance of a Good Night Sleep

A reliable battery operated alarm clock will always be there to wake you up.  We all been there, the phone ran out of juice and didn't ring and you missed your plane.  Or were late for an interview.  For some reason, alarm clocks are our best selling item.  Get your alarm clock and have a better sleep without worrying about waking up too late.



Dutch Design Alarm and Snooze
Silent Mechanism - No Ticking
Light Function

 Technical Data


11 x 5.5 x 15 cm
4.33 x 2.16 x 5.9 in


0.23 Kilo
0.50 pounds

Battery 1 AA Battery Not Included
Color Ivory
Time Analog

Night Table, Shelve, Desk

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I see it at night?

Yes just press the snooze button and see the light.


Does it tick?

Nope! It is completely silent. 


Is the dial bright white or ivory?

Renee designed the dial to look dated or let's say ivory.  You don't need to wait 30 years for the clock to look retro.  It looks like it was taken straight out of Renee's dad's industrial laundry wall.

How long does it snooze?

It has a 5-minute snooze and you can keep snoozing. 


How do I take the battery out?

First when you put it in find the ribbon in the case and make sure you put that below the battery.  To remove it just pull the ribbon. 


How to set the alarm?

Yes, you need to turn the alarm switch to one before you go to sleep.  

Every night?  Just before every morning, you want to wake up.

Can I just leave it on?  It will sound at 7 am but it will also sound a 7 pm and your neighbors will find you!


I want to see more! How do I set It?  What About the Battery?