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Flor Red Wall Clock

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Cloudnola Flor wall clocks series is one of the clocks that represents the fashion crossover into our collection.  We are influenced by the fashion industry as much as we are influenced by home décor trends.  This wood clock was designed by Het Grafisch Ambacht and is a clock version of a screen print shirt.  Like in screen printing you mix two colors and get the third one.  The geometric split just brings another level of minimalistic design.  


No Tick Tock

The Flor comes with sweep movement, which means the second hand is in contact movement instead of jumping from second to second,  this technology has the benefit of completely eliminating the sound.  


Wood is better than Plastic

By having a wood case you not only get the higher quality you also have a biodegradable case.  So when your kids break the clock with the football you can at least be happy that the case won't take forever to decompose.




Dutch Design Wall Mounted Silent Mechanism
Cloudnola Cares

 Technical Data


31 x 5 cm
12.2 x 2 in


0.78 Kilo
1.71 pounds

Battery 1 AA Battery Not Included
Color Red and Wood
Time Silent Mechanism



Frequently Asked Questions

How much noise does it make?

No! I said no!  No noise at all


How long does the battery last?

When you use a good quality battery like Duracell longer than a year maybe even longer than two.  


How to Hang?

Just one screw not included and attach to the hole in the back of the clock.  


I want to see more!