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Miffy Peek a Boo XL - Wall Clock

Miffy Peek a Boo XL - Wall Clock

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🐰 Nijntje, or as many know her, Miffy, hails from the heart of Utrecht, the Netherlands 🇳🇱. This beloved bunny has been a symbol of joy and innocence 🌼, just like the vibrant tulips that blanket the Dutch countryside. 🌷

🕒 As official clock suppliers for Nijntje-Miffy, we are proud to keep time with this iconic character. Together, we celebrate Utrecht's rich heritage 🏰, and every minute of our clocks is a reminder of the charming streets and canals that wind through this enchanting city. 🌆

🥕 Just as Nijntje-Miffy loves her carrots, we cherish our roots in Utrecht. Our clocks reflect the same simplicity, beauty, and reliability that define this timeless character. We're excited to bring a piece of Utrecht's magic into your home, one tick at a time. ⏰🏡


Ships in 1-2 Days
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Our clocks go throught rigourous testing before they leave our facilities. To secure top quality.

We stand by each piece we send out and offer a 1 year warranty on mechanical issues.

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