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Reflect Mirror White

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Cloudnola Reflect Mirror series comes straight from Renee's imagination, her affliction with fashion.  It incorporates leather like the Hooks and Show Room, it has her favorite design colors pink, white and black.  And I'm sure it will be a cornerstone of her mirror line.


Delicate Function

You can see the details right away the beveled all around, the leather, and the wood in the back protection.  It incorporates 3 noble materials; leather, glass, and wood, and they are combined majestically in one sleek design mirror.



The straight lines incorporated in the round shape make it an architectural piece.  The easy hanging mechanism makes it handy.  Move it around with you or buy a few and interchange them. 



Dutch Design Wall Mounted



Technical Data


Size 40 cm
15.75 inch

1.80 Kilo
3.96 pounds

Color White
Loop Leather


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I hang it?

Very easy.  One screw or nail. And hang it on the hole in the strap.  


Is it a magnifying mirror?

No!  Is a normal happy mirror.  

Is it only for the bathroom?

No!  We have it in the living room, bedroom, hallway, and many other places.  Mirrors have become a part of any decor.  They make rooms look bigger and give "bird people" a happy place to glance at themselves.