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Rock Mirror Clear

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Cloudnola Stone and Rock mirrors are an homage to nature.  We wanted to incorporate a subtle hint of the outside inside while keeping our minimal design.  Not only the skipping stone shape but also the colors bring some nature and accent in.   

The mirror is clear no tint on this one.


Nature Reminiscence

It's important to always keep a connection with nature in our house. Not only for the city folks but for everyone.  Having shapes that remind us of the outside good oxygen and long walks, so have a positive effect on our mood. 


Tinted Mirrors

This impressive collection has a clear, a rose, and a smoked mirror.  Why add color to mirrors?  It reflexes a different perspective and ti spices up the decor when not being used as a mirror.  



Dutch Design Wall Mounted



Technical Data


Size 30 x 31 x 1 cm
11.8 x 12.2 x 0.4 inch

1.80 Kilo
3.96 pounds

Color Black
Loop Leather


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I hang it?

Very easy.  One screw or nail. And hang it on the hole in the strap.  


Is it a magnifying mirror?

No!  Is a normal happy mirror.  


Is the mirror clear or colored?

This one is clear no color.


Is it only for the bathroom?

No!  We have it in the living room, bedroom, hallway, and many other places.  Mirrors have become a part of any decor.  They make rooms look bigger and give "bird people" a happy place to glance at themselves.