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Welcome to Cloudnola

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Cloudnola is a lifestyle brand for the modern household.  Based out of Holland we incorporate current home deco styles with fashion trends to bring to you a different kind of functional art.

We started as a clock company featuring modern wall clocks, flip clocks, alarm clocks, desk clocks and big wall clocks.   Even though clocks are still our main focus we are heading into a broader range of wall decor items.  The first category of this range is wall art, we work with new artists to provide a platform to display their creations.

Cloudnola Clocks = Functional Art

More than a Clock

Save the Bees

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Flip Clocks

We started with our favorite Flipping Out Clock, which is a very cool concept of an open clock.  The Cloudnola Flip family has grown to house Flip Clocks like the Timeline and the Texttime.  These are our take on the digital clock.

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Alarm Clock

If you are looking for a new cool alarm clock here you will have a wide range to choose from.  We have the best alarm clock selection from; very cool alarm clocks that match your decor: too loud alarm clocks that will wake you up, and a great selection of kids alarm clock.  Our Flor desk clock also has the alarm clock functionality

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Texttime + Timeline

Texttime and Timeline give you time in a different way.  Their sleek modern design has proved to be a favorite for business offices, hotels and modern households.  

We never go out of style. 

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Wall Art

Our wall art adds another dimension on our wall decor spectrum.  We started with some prints from Tessa and will be adding new artists and our own art all the time. 

Make sure you check back in often for limited time editions. 

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Large Wall Clocks

2 Feet+ / 60cm +

These Clocks are BIG


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Cuckoo Clocks

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Fisura Doormats Available in USA

In the USA we collaborate with Spanish Doormat Behemoth Fisura. We carry many of their great doormats designs. They are made of 100% natural coconut fiber and painted by hand. 

Cloudnola TV

Cloudnola TV