Flip Vase

We proudly present .... the Flip Vase!

The Flip vases is the latest development from the Cloudnola Design Studio! These smart vases of glass have a dual purpose, are affordable and beautiful to look at. Delivered in a ready-to-ship gift box the packaging itself looks like a gift already!

The Flip Vase fits it all

With these reversible vases you no longer need other vases! You can go in all directions with this Flip vase. Made for the medium height arrangements, large bouquet or some iconic long stems, the Flip Vase fits it all. Whether the vase is filled with water or not, the vase steals the show in the living room even without flowers.

How does it work?
With a simple flip, this vase transforms from a Full Bouquet Vase into a Bud Vase. The dual purpose vase allows you to get the most out of your bouquet.
When the flowers start to fade, turn the vase over and place the still fresh flowers in the bud vase to enjoy even longer.

Soda-Lime Glass
Each item is individually mouthblown and hand-finished by skilled craftsmen. We believe in using traditional methods to realise original designs. The raw ingredients are sand, ash and lime,as we call it Soda-Lime Glass , which ensures the material is lead-free. And the feature of soda-lime endows the colour both vibrant and translucent, also the glass is thick and heavy.

The Flip vase is a perfect example of how to achieve the maximum effect with minimal design!


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