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Mirror Mirror On The Wall....

I am especially happy to write this new blog post. Because we have some great news - if you haven't already discovered them in our online store already. During the pandemic, the Cloudnola design team certainly didn't sit around lazily hanging their heads. Instead, their minds were on some awesome new products that are now finally available to you in our online store. I would bet you're already familiar with our Hooks and Shelves, which we introduced earlier this year. Since launching these items we hear more often: but don't you guys at Cloudnola specialize in wall clocks? Well, we got off the ground with our wall clocks but the plan to add more and other functional home decor items to...

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Shop The Flip

Selected materials, easy to combine colors, straight lines and a modern look. The Flip Clock collection by Cloudnola is a symbol of modern retro sophistication.

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Deck the Hall(ways)

How to add character and functionality to your homes most neglected room I bet there is one space in your home that is overlooked when it comes to decor and interior design. This area may be home to a framed photo or two at best, but more likely than not it is a barren decor wasteland. Can you guess which room I am referring to?   Hook Me Up 6 Black Rack    Your hallway! Okay, so it was sort of a trick question. The hallway may not be considered a room in the traditional sense of the word, but that doesn’t mean it should be forgotten. Hallways are often the first space your guests see when they enter your...

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