10 reasons why you need a Cloudnola Cuckoo Clock

10 reasons why you need a Cloudnola Cuckoo Clock

A nostalgic all-time classic reinterpreted. Learn more about our Cloudnola Cuckoo Clock and get yourself a fun piece of functional art.

In this still very cold season I would like to take the opportunity and bring you the long-awaited spring a little closer. In the shape of the Cloudnola Cuckoo Clock. 

Are you also associating spring with the chirping of birds? And can you still remember cuckoo clocks from your childhood? A cuckoo clock is such a very nostalgic and characteristic object. There is something so exciting and curious about it that you just have to keep looking.

The history of the cuckoo clock remains controversial and opinions differ as to who is the inventor of the original cuckoo clock. However, it is undisputed that it comes either from Germany or Switzerland. The original cuckoo clock is characterized by fine painting and wood carving. The connection with Mother Nature is clearly emphasized.

Our designer Renée has transformed old into new and has given her imagination a blank canvas in the redesign of the cuckoo clock. The result is remarkable on many levels. 

We find the basic features of the original cuckoo clock and we have the bird and the time sharing a body and being interconnected. The little bird appears every full hour and makes a short lovely sound. 

Unlike the traditional cuckoo clock, Renée's reinterpretation is built on simplicity and monochromaticity. This lets us integrate the clock into more modern interior styles without losing the nostalgic touch.

If you're not already hooked on the clock, I'm going to give you 10 reasons below why you should get your Cloudnola Cuckoo Clock now.

1. Unique functional art 

I would bet that our reinterpretation of the Cloudnola Cuckoo Clock made you smile the moment you saw it. It is one of a kind, just like you. It's not easy to find functional art that really wows you. And which can convince you to choose it rather than the standard offer. 

But you are on the right track. Upgrade your interior with Renée's piece of art. A real masterpiece for you. 

Functional art is a very good entry into the world of art. It makes you much more aware of your everyday objects and teaches you not to take daily things for granted.

This cuckoo clock exudes exclusivity and puts a certain magic to its surrounding. Everything around it suddenly seems of higher value.



2. Circular instead of angular 

As I said, this timepiece must be considered a work of art, not an ordinary wall clock. Most works of art come angular. I am referring specifically to Wall Art here, such as paintings, mirrors, shelves, etc.  

The Cloudnola Cuckoo Clock is also unusual in its shape. The bird and time have their own space, but they are still connected, the relationship between time and life. Two round shapes that are one with another.

Due to the absolutely clever design, this wall clock can be both hung and placed. So you can use it as a mantel clock, as well as a wall clock. You are spoiled for choice.  Where is the best place to put your cuckoo clock? 

And the best thing about it? The process of mounting it is an absolute breeze. All it takes is two screws.

3. Black and White are classics

An unwritten law. Black and White are colors that are timeless and always appropriate. You will have no problems finding good spots for your Cloudnola Cuckoo Clock.

Two simple colors that have a lot of power and can play extremely important roles in your interior. 

4. Home is where my cuckoo sings

We are used to the hustle and bustle of the every day life car, horns, constructions, metros, scream, etc. but we rarely get the time to listen to nature. At home with the cuckoo you'll be serenaded by a bird chime every hour -this will remind you to take a second and appreciate the nature around us.

5. This is not a boring clock 

Have you actually ever thought about the obligatory wall clock in your home? Most of us buy a cheap clock in the nearest electronics store. Boring, but serves the purpose. Should we really give our greatest asset (TIME) such an outer appearance? 

With the Cloudnola Cuckoo Clock you don't just get a simple timepiece. You get an object that is a topic of conversation. I promise you that every one of your guests will make at least one comment about this clock.

6. Chirping of birds is soothing

"People find birdsong relaxing and reassuring because over thousands of years they have learnt when the birds sing they are safe, it's when birds stop singing that people need to worry. Birdsong is also nature's alarm clock, with the dawn chorus signalling the start of the day, so it stimulates us cognitively." - the BBC

But don't worry - the bird won't get you out of sleep in the middle of the night. With 17 settings, this clock is perfectly customizable. You can control the volume, as well as the sleeping time for the bird and you. This way he stays in his little house at night.



7. It is great entertainment for kids and pets

Who doesn't love to see their child or pet amazed and having a total blast? This clock fascinates cats, dogs and toddlers. And when the full hour strikes and you have kids or pets around, you will have something to laugh about.

Obviously, I'm not going to lie to you - If you place the clock somewhere reachable instead of hanging it on the wall - then the cuckoo might get eaten by your cat.

8. Fast delivery time

You won't have to wait long. We will ship your Cloudnola Cuckoo Clock as soon as you press order. 4 days maximum.  The Cloudnola Cuckoo Clock also comes with a one year warranty. 

9. High quality finishing

Highest quality and it shows. The Cloudnola Cuckoo Clock made of steel is thanks to the materials sturdy, lightweight and easy to clean. 

The golden circle adds an extra touch of elegance to the clock and simply looks classy in combination with the bird and the shape in general.

10. You can save 10% NOW

In January you have the chance to save 10% on our Cuckoo Clock with the code “cuckoo10”. But here comes the best, you even get the chance to win a Cloudnola Cuckoo Clock this month. Just head over to our Instagram and enter our January giveaway. You'll find everything you need to do on Instagram. The giveaway will run until 01/31/2021.



Well then  - I hope that I was able to give you a taste of our Cloudnola Cuckoo Clock. It is also a very original gift for your loved ones. 

Personally, I have hung my black Cuckoo Clock in the office. And I honestly think that it has a certain energy about it. The cuckoo really amuses me and I think it's great to have a reinterpreted, nostalgic and classic piece in my home.

Now head over to our Instagram account and be sure to enter the giveaway. Or check out our collection of more original clocks and home accessories. Whatever you do, stay healthy, good luck and have a good time.

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