Biocel Energy for Cloudnola HQ -Orgaworld  🏭 🏭 🏭

Biocel Energy for Cloudnola HQ -Orgaworld 🏭 🏭 🏭

So we have been looking to better ways to light up our headquarters.  Finally Renee found the perfect one and she didn't hesitated to make the switch.  

We will reduce our CO2 yearly emissions by 10 TONS. 

Instead of blindly paying an energy company and hope they do something good for the environment, Orgaworld shows us directly where our energy comes from, it will come for their Biocel Plant on Lelystad -more details of how it works below.   We are very happy with this change, we end up paying a little be more but we drastically change our impact on the environment.  



This is how it works...

The volume and make-up of organic waste can vary during the course of the year with peak periods during the spring (garden waste) and the fall (leaves and clippings). The use of standard anaerobic digestion facilities causes a number of problems. However, our Biocel plant is problem-free: the organic waste is digested in a special air-tight reactor following minimal preparation work. The biomethane gas which is released during this process is used to generate energy and heat. After a few weeks the digestion process' by-product, the digestate, is removed from the reactor. This is then turned into high-quality compost in our composting tunnels.

Why Cloudnola and Orgaworld Biocel

The benefits of the Biocel digestion process digestion

  • Suited extremely well for use with all types of organic waste regardless of composition (including diapers).
  • Management of contaminants is not a problem.
  • Feedstock preparation is limited or not required.
  • Processing stability is high.
  • The procedure's flexibility enables ‘peak shaving’.
  • Hardly any waste water is left at the end of the process.
  • Processing organic waste is easily combined with tunnel composting.
  • The facility is extremely energy efficient.


Again this part of our focus to be carbon neutral.  By switching our Headquarters' energy to be provided by Orgaworld Biocel Digestion plant in lovely Lelystad, we are using 100% green energy.  We will reduce our CO2 Emissions by 10 tons a year.  That's the equivalent of 70 Ams-Paris flights

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