Bye Bye Chaos! Use the Cloudnola hooks and coat racks to keep things tidy

Bye Bye Chaos! Use the Cloudnola hooks and coat racks to keep things tidy

They are finally here and we are officially hooked. Cloudnola is excited to add nine hooks and coat racks to its collection of products that will help create structure in your home. 

Find out more about how you can best integrate the hooks and coat racks into your home and create beautiful accents with them.

I talked to our creative mastermind Renée Vendrig to get the best tips on how to use the hooks and coat racks and to learn more about the products themselves. Have fun reading!

The Screw Ups

The Screw Ups
Three of the wonderful new hooks are made of wood and resemble different types of screws. We have the cross, the slot and the hex - to put it in handyman slang.
You can combine these little wall hooks wonderfully and they also go great in children's rooms. The jacket, the school bag, the hat - everything will find its place and will look really trendy at the same time. 
For kids rooms we love the Screw Up hooks in combination with our own wall art. But they also look magnificent next to the beautiful prints from MiniLearnersPosters. or in combination with this lovely cloud lamp from Toms Bastelstube. 
They are super easy to mount and they come with the necessary attachments. A wonderful home accessory to playfully showcase your wall and keep it organized. 
The Screw Ups are sold individually and can thus be mixed and matched particularly well.
You have a big family and need hooks at different heights? Hooks that are accessible even for the smallest of us? Then the Screw Ups are a very good choice for you.

They are ideal not only for jackets and coats but for hanging bags, scarves, name it.

The light wood will match just about any wall color and the unusual design will turn your wardrobe into a real eye-catcher. 

Hook Me Up!

Now let's talk about the Hook Me Up! series, the actual centerpiece of the new hook collection. Consisting of three different sizes in two different colors.

I wanted to know a few things from Renée about the new hooks and one of my first questions was how this product was born in the first place. Doesn't Cloudnola specialize in wall clocks? 

"Cloudnola started 4 years ago with a collection of contemporary design clocks. We decided to extend the collection with “all things wall” so soon Cloudnola will offer a wide range of wall decor items, like hooks, mirrors and magazine racks." - Renée, Creative Director 


Well, if you ask me that is quite wonderful news. Because this Hook Me Up Series proves that Cloudnola is making the right decision with this - we want "ALL THINGS WALL".

Leather and wood - a brilliant combination. Renée, what inspired you to create this design and why leather?

"We designed the new hooks, planters, wall racks, mirrors and magazine racks all at once and wanted them to be in line. The whole collection is made from wood and leather straps. All with one thing in mind: Function Art. The design is minimalistic and honest. The leather gives a nice and playful touch to the wood. Besides that it gives extra function to hang or bind another product" - Renée, Creative Director  

With these everyday helpers you create structure at home and you have something beautiful for the eye. You see minimalism doesn’t have to mean boring or sterile. These hooks are the complete opposite. You add texture to your home with them and playfully eliminate everyday chaos.

"Its a really a nice item for the hallway. It's ideal for jackets umbrellas and scarves. By folding your scarf and woolen hats in the leather strap, it keeps the hooks free for jackets and bags, really practical and functional. " - Renée, Creative Director

The colors brown and black give you a lot of freedom as far as your other decor items are concerned. Colors that are easy to combine. For example, we love a beautiful mirror in the hallway next to the hooks or a beautiful print. And of course, our wall clocks also look quite outstanding paired with the hooks.  

Variety of sizing

There are 3 different sizes, there is the single coat rack with one leather loop. There is the three wood coat rack with 3 leather loops and it is also available with six hooks and six loops.

That should give you more than enough choice and storage space. Adaptable to any family size and a real space saver thanks to the wall mounting.


Going back to the product and its story. I wanted to know one more thing from Renée. And that was if there were any difficulties on the way to the completed wood coat rack. Let's find out which ones those were and what else has been improved. 

"Definitely, the development of this wall decor collection together with the factories,  took way longer than expected. Samples were not according to the design and the quality didn't meet our standard. 


We had to send samples up and down and also we had to make sure the different factories would deliver the same look and feel. 


Finally after giving approval to the samples we had to focus on the eco friendly packaging , again this asked more attention to get it right and was quite a struggle. 


Now,  to have the first production batch in the house, we are happy with the end result." - Renée, Creative Director


These new hooks and wood coat racks are the absolute eye-catcher for our wardrobe and we are literally hooked.

Here in Holland and Germany we live with constant rain and sometimes storms and a decent wardrobe is an absolute MUST for wet jackets, umbrellas, scarves and so on.

But also in all other parts of the world you need room for all your accessories all the time. The accessories that are otherwise always in the way. Sun hats, sunglasses, scarves, the dog leash.

Following the functional design mentality that Cloudnola is known for, Renée has created a wonderful product line that makes room for all your clutter thanks to the hooks and loops. 

How do you like our new hooks and coat racks? Tell me in the comments section. I would love to hear your thoughts. Until then, stay safe and sound & have a good time! 


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