Deck the Hall(ways)

Deck the Hall(ways)

How to add character and functionality to your homes most neglected room

I bet there is one space in your home that is overlooked when it comes to decor and interior design. This area may be home to a framed photo or two at best, but more likely than not it is a barren decor wasteland. Can you guess which room I am referring to?


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Your hallway! Okay, so it was sort of a trick question. The hallway may not be considered a room in the traditional sense of the word, but that doesn’t mean it should be forgotten. Hallways are often the first space your guests see when they enter your home. These “rooms” welcome your friends and family into your abode. Therefore, they should be charming, functional, and inviting.


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Here are a few tips to spruce up your neglected hallways.


Functional First


It is likely that your hallway or entry cannot fit a lot of furniture, so you must strategically use whatever space you do have available. Two important considerations for a functional yet welcoming hallway include a place to sit and some form of storage.



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A chair or a bench is very helpful because it provides you somewhere to put on and take off shoes. It also makes a great spot to momentarily rest while you are waiting to leave. If you have the room, placing a rustic bench or a sleek contemporary chair in your hallway is strongly advised.


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Storage is the next consideration. Most hallways may not be able to fit a credenza, a hall tree, or even a closet, but you still need somewhere to set your keys, put your mail, and hang your coat.



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Pieces that are both charming and functional are the key to getting the most out of your small space. Wall organization systems, like floating shelfs, or hanging baskets are perfect. You can pair them with a piece of artwork or even suspend a plant for a touch of character. 


Make a Statement Second

Hallways are the perfect spot to make a statement. They're a confined space so you can feel free to go bold and play with patterns or elements that you may be too nervous about using elsewhere in your home.


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Go Wild with Wallpaper

Wallpapers make excellent hallway additions. You can add some “wow!” to your room with a fun pattern, try out some ingenious color combinations, or even striking stripes. Because it is such a minor area you don’t have to worry about an intricate pattern or bold colors feeling too overwhelming. If a dramatic flair doesn’t interest you, you can always opt for a more subtle, barely-there wallpaper pattern.


No matter which direction you take, a peel and stick wallpaper is ideal for renters or those who don’t want to commit just yet. Thankfully, these miniature rooms should only require a few rolls. You can likely afford to splurge a little because with the right wallpaper you won’t need a lot of other decor. A great wallpaper acts as a design feature without adding clutter or taking up valuable space.



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Play with Paint

Paint is another way to add pops of color. White and light neutrals are traditionally used to brighten small spaces and make them appear larger. They can be a great choice for your walls. But I have another suggestion. Choose one wall to break away from the mundane. This wall can even be your ceiling.


Painting the ceiling adds interest, dimension, and draws the eye up and away. This elongates your space and adds some depth. The crisp and clean white or neutral walls can be offset by a wall or ceiling in a deep navy, a lavender-hued grey, or a moody aqua.


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If you feel like taking a walk on the wild side, opt for painting all of your walls in a bold color. Darker hues can make it feel especially cozy. A bright and energetic hue can envelop your guests as they enter, making them feel invited and intrigued. Experiment with ombre designs from the ceiling to the floor or from the entrance to the interior of your home. If you decide to double-down and paint your entire space with rich color, experts recommend breaking things up with white trim or complementary colored accent pieces.


Don’t Forget Decor

Speaking of accent pieces, you have quite a few options. Framed photos are regular hallway residents, but I challenge you to step it up a notch. Create a gallery wall with multiple photographs or works of art. Use pieces of different sizes to add depth and interest. You can coordinate the frames for a more cohesive look. Using family photos adds a bit of personalization offers a warm welcome to guests of your home.


Mirrors are another wonderful choice. Form meets fashion with these practical and stylish hallway additions. They help to reflect light and bounce it back, making the room feel brighter and larger. A mirror is also a great spot to give yourself one final look before you head out the door.


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Hooks are yet another practical feature. Rustic wooden hooks help to add texture while sleek metal ones give off modern vibes. Adorn them with cozy jackets or sweaters to add texture to your walls and cozy up the space while keeping on-the-go essentials close at hand.


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Texture can also be incorporated into your hallway using rugs. While tiles (even if they are peel and stick) are an awesome way to define your hallway floor space, rugs add visual appeal and warmth. If you don’t have room for furniture, pull colors from the wall when selecting your rug in order to help give the room a cohesive feel


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Finally, consider lighting features. Hallways typically don’t have a great deal of natural light, so you must use light fixtures to keep them from feeling dark and dingy. Wall sconces and directional lights can highlight artwork, a detailed ceiling, or pull guests down the hallway towards the center of your home.


Pendant lights are effective in making a hallway feel larger than it actually is. Suspend them from your ceiling down the length of the hallway. If you don’t have an open or grand entryway, avoid using a single light source, like a chandelier. A lone pendant can throw too many shadows and create a dimly lit uninviting room. Instead, choose small and interesting light fixtures that you can repeat within the space.


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Deck Your Halls

I invite you to change how you think about your hallway. Rather than viewing it as an unorganized dumping ground or a darkly lit corridor, think of it as a space to get creative. Let your wildest interior design dreams come true. Throw caution to the wind and create a functional yet fashionable space that your guests will remember long after they walk out your front door.



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