Eight Simple Tricks To Refresh Your Room

Eight Simple Tricks To Refresh Your Room

Are you short on time and money but craving a new look for your room? We have some great affordable and quick tips on how to refresh your space. Whether it be your bedroom or your living room, sometimes we just need to change things up. And if you have been spending way too much time indoors lately, chances are you are ready for a room refresh.


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Tidy Up. This one is so simple it almost seems too easy, but tidying up can completely change the look of the space. Putting away clothes, organizing your entryway table, and even discarding old magazines can really make a difference in the appearance. 

Showroom Wall Rack Black
Showroom Wall Rack Black



Cleaning up and organizing is also a beneficial first step because it prepares the space for other changes. It can be hard to make design or decor changes when you have clutter everywhere. You will be surprised what a difference tidying up can make.


 The Magic of Mirrors. You can provide the illusion of a larger space by using a few well-placed mirrors. Mirrors can help a space feel larger than it truly is. This is especially true if they are positioned correctly. A mirror in the perfect location will reflect whatever is across the room from it. If you are trying to increase the lightness and airiness of the space in order to make it feel more open and larger, hang the mirror across from a window. If you want to highlight a picture, a lighting fixture, or even a piece of artwork, place a mirror directly across from it to double the impact.



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Throw In Texture. Add a hint of softness, and they offset it with something hard and sleek. Playing with different materials and textures can add both visual interest and make the space more inviting. Fluffing your pillows and adding a soft throw is an easy start. You can also incorporate woven pieces, raw wood, and hard tiles. Texture can be found on the floor, the walls, and even your windows. Get creative! Curating elements of varied textures is a simple way to freshen up your space.



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A Spotlight on Lighting. Lighting can make or break a room. You don’t want a dimly lit dining room any more than you want an overlight bedroom. Start by determining how much lighting you need and what color temperature. Then you can choose how you want to light your room. Usually, overhead lighting can use an overhaul. It isn’t something we think about often so it can easily go unnoticed and become dated. If you are trying to hang a fancy chandelier or even a decorative flush mount, you may want to hire it out. Hoping to keep the redecorating in-house? Adding floor lamps, DIY-ing a new look for your table lamps, or even just changing up the shades is something you can do yourself.



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Don’t forget about your window treatments either. Freshening up drab drapes can help a room appear brighter and polished.  



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Add Aroma. Scents can be quite powerful. Even though they may not add anything to your room visually, they can still refresh the space. Linen sprays are one great example of this. A few spritzes can transform your room. If you do want an aroma that does double duty, opt for a stylish candle or a decorative wax warmer. These things can not only enhance the smell of your room but also the decor. Finally, flowers are a gorgeous way to dress up your room, visually and olfactorily. You can forage a bouquet, purchase a store-bought bunch, or even buy a blooming plant.




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Look to Linens. Do your fabrics need a refresh? Regular wear and tear may be to blame. Or, they might look a little outdated. The good news is, you don’t have to replace your entire couch. Give upholstered items a facelift by either diy reupholstering them, or purchasing slipcovers. In the bedroom, a new bedding set or even just replacing your sheets can make a world of difference. Another simple trick? Add a few new throw pillows or cozy blankets to help disguise the appearance of fatigued furniture.



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 Relocate Your Artwork. Hopefully, you currently have some artwork hanging on your walls. If not, hanging a few simple pieces will truly transform your space. If you do have art already hanging, you may need to switch up its location, the images themselves, or just the frames. When the same pieces hang in the same spot for too long, it can make your room feel blah. Awaken your walls by changing the pieces themselves and their location. A photo shelf is a great way to be able to easily swap out your artwork every few months. You won’t have to worry about nail holes or tacks as the items rest on the ledge.



Add a Rug. Rugs are often underused and underestimated. Rugs fulfill multiple purposes within a room. First, they add warmth and texture. Rugs come in a variety of colors, materials, designs, and sizes. They add visual appeal and cozy up the atmosphere. Next, rugs can tie your room together. Pull colors from the walls, accent pieces, or other decor, and choose a rug that compliments these shades. Finally, rugs help to define a space. This is especially true if you have an open floor plan. Organizing your furniture around a rug really helps to set boundaries. Try to obtain a balance between exposed flooring around the rug and furniture pieces resting on the rug.



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Change Out the Hardware. A final simple trick? Replace your hardware. Pulls and knobs are relatively inexpensive. It is a small change that can completely transform your room's look. You don’t have to purchase new matching sets either. You can shop vintage or use a few great flea market finds to add character and style.


Is your room feeling stagnant? Give a few of these tips a try and you can fall in love with your home all over again. 

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