Factory Alarm Clock Review

Factory Alarm Clock Review


Let me tell you why I love my alarm clock. Yes, you read that right, I said love. Think I am crazy for using the “L-word” with what is usually considered a torturous appliance? Read on.

Normally I am a natural riser, but all of this working from home has made my routine, well, let’s say a little more lax.

Like most of us, I initially tried to use my phone as an alarm clock. For some, a cellular device may be just fine, but I found it didn’t work for me for a few reasons.

The first is the temptation. Call it FOMO, call it curiosity, ultimately it boils down to the fact that my phone was just too accessible. I wanted it close to my bed so that I could hear my alarm, but this proved to be a mistake.

I couldn’t help but pick it up for one last scroll through Insta before I fell asleep. Just five minutes turned into twenty and before I knew it the time my alarm was set to go off was creeping closer and closer.

When I finally did drift off it didn’t help that I was plagued with alerts and notifications. And yes, I know you can put it on silent mode, but each time I woke up at night and went to check the time, there was an alert, just begging for my attention.

Then, when my alarm did go off, I wasn’t thrilled with my sound choice. I had had a hard time settling on the perfect one. As it turns out, “Illuminate” is not my tone of choice. 

Desperate for a better wake-up experience, I turned to browsing for a good old fashioned alarm clock. These days, the alarm clock market is an interesting place.

Digital clocks, analog clocks, flip clocks. Alarm clocks that make you do exercise, solve brainteasers, or physically move away from you. The choices are nearly endless. From the comedic to the futuristic, there are so many options.

I was looking for something that was first and foremost functional, but that would also work well with my decor. Though trendy pieces can be a great choice and a statement piece for your room, I wanted something that would be able to stick with me throughout my various redecorating whims.

Enter the Cloudnola Station Metal Alarm clock. This petite little timepiece was the perfect clock to adorn my bedside table.



I chose white, but it comes in a few different colors. Each one would suit a variety of room decor styles. The exterior color is also non-obtrusive and works very well with the clock's classic look. It has a bit of vintage flair, but it undoubtedly pairs nicely with a modern theme too.

The metal casing is completed with a glass lens that frames the 4.4-inch diameter clock face. I love that the face is simple and no-nonsense. The black, easy to read numbers are perfect for a quick glance of the time. The varied styles of the hour hand and minute hand are great for when you are groggy or trying to decipher the time in low light.

Speaking of low light, I was pleasantly surprised to find that this clock has a night light function. Simply press the silver button on top, nestled under the old fashioned loop, and a soft glow illuminates the clock face. Excellent for checking the hour during the night, while being soft and calming enough not to jar you from your sleep.

The alarm is, in my opinion, the ideal loudness and sound. Just audible enough to wake you up without scaring the pajama pants off you. It even has a snooze function. Setting it is a breeze thanks to the spin dial on the back of the clock. You can either leave it at the same time each day, change the time with minimal effort, or turn it off completely. Ah, blessed weekend sleep-ins.

The non-ticking silent quartz mechanism is the cherry-on-top. Unlike some individuals who appreciate the white noise, a ticking clock at night is enough to drive me to madness. Thankfully, this little alarm clock is perfectly silent.

The Cloudnola alarm clock has been a wonderful addition to my bedroom and my morning routine. I haven’t tried traveling with it yet, but it seems both durable and lightweight. Plus, at this point, I can’t imagine waking up without it.

If you are looking for a timeless (no pun intended) alarm clock to grace your home, this is it!


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