How To Hang a Wall Clock

How To Hang a Wall Clock

The Perfect Placement


A clock is a thing of beauty. Both functional and fashionable, these modern-day masterpieces definitely deserve a spot on your wall. But while hanging a clock may seem like a simple task, there is actually a bit more to it. The placement of this practical, yet decorative, home furnishing can have a big impact on your space.


Bad Feng Shui?

Contrary to what some may believe, a wall clock is not bad feng shui. The thought of throwing off your positive energy may originate with superstitions surrounding clocks in Chinese culture. Clocks typically signify time ticking away, and ultimately running out. Which is possibly why they can be considered a rude gift, especially on Chinese New Year. So bad gift-giving etiquette, definitely, bad feng shui, not so much. 



Knowing the hour and keeping track of time is an essential part of our daily routines. But some places are better than others when it comes to hanging a wall clock.


Where to Hang Your Clock


The perfect location for your clock depends on what room you are hanging it in. Bedrooms are a great place for a clock. They can help keep you on time for work and inform you of what ungodly hour you are awake at during the night. Bedroom clocks should be kept in view of the bed, as that is most likely where you will be searching for the time.

 But remember, your bedroom is a place to rest and relax. Keep the design simple and calming. The quieter the clock movement the better, unless you enjoy the white noise created by the flipping.

 In a gathering space like the living room, hang it where everyone can easily see it. Usually, this means putting it at the front of the room or over a door. Over the door is a favorite because usually the doorway is unobstructed and provides perfect placement for glancing at the time before you head out.




The kitchen is yet another popular clock spot. Being the heart of the home, most people spend a great deal of time in the kitchen. A clock works well here because of its convenience, telling you if it is a coffee and dash type of morning, or if you have time to prepare bacon and eggs.

While the above suggestions are for practicality, you can also hang your wall clock to make a statement. Oversized clocks and those with a bold design look at home on an empty wall. They can create a gorgeous focal point in nearly any room of your house.




General Hanging Tips

We can see that clocks work well in practically every room of the house, but no matter where you put them there are a few general rules to follow.

Hang it where everyone can see it. Obviously, an obscurely placed clock is no help to anyone. Position your clock so that no matter where you are in the room it remains easy to see. It can help to think about the purpose of the room. Are you usually standing? Such as in the kitchen. Or, is everyone always sitting, like in a den. Pick a logical place and save everyone's neck from having to crane to see the clock. 



Pick the best height. Typically, you want to hang your clock at a height that is higher than the tallest piece of furniture. In doing sop, the furnishings won’t obscure the clock. However, things get tricky if you have a large bookcase or a massive armoire. A clock hung a few inches from the ceiling can look rather odd. So, use your design eye and place the clock at a height that keeps it within view, while pleasing the feng shui.



Work with your decor. A clock is a functional thing, but it also needs to work well with the decor of your room. As often as you look at it, it would be a shame for it to be an eyesore. Hanging your clock so that it is appealing starts with the clock itself. Choose one that is interesting and bold or classic and simple, whichever matches your theme. Then, finding it a home on your wall should be effortless.




Keep feng shui in mind. If you want to get really fancy with where you hang your clock, turn to traditional feng shui principles. It is believed that having a clock in the right position can bring you prosperity and avoid any negative outcomes.

Just what is the ideal place? On a wall that is North, East, or Northeast. Each direction is associated with a positive outcome. The North brings wealth, Northeast prosperity, and the East good health. Who knows, hanging your clock on one of these walls may bring you good luck in addition to complementing your design and decor.

Decorating Around Your Clock

The smaller the clock, the easier to decorate around. Petite clocks can nestle in nearly anywhere. While oversized clocks are fun statement pieces. You will often want to place these massive timekeepers front and center.

To decorate around them, choose a layout that flows with the rest of your design. Do you like things pretty symmetrical? If so, keep the number of shelves or pictures on each side of the clock equal and squared off with one another.

If you love a bit of organized chaos, the number of objects on either side of the clock can differ and their placement can be staggered.

Whatever method you choose to use, don’t crowd the clock. It should be an easy to find focal point in the room. Especially if it is a showstopper.

Time is Ticking

I bet you didn’t realize that so much went into hanging a wall clock. But, pick the wrong placement and you will either end up with a clock that makes it a pain to check the time or is an eyesore...or both. The perfect placement really does start with an awesome clock, and time is ticking, so can we make a few recommendations? Check them out here.

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