How to set and use the Block Clock - Cube Alarm Clock

How to set and use the Block Clock - Cube Alarm Clock

The Block Clock is a stylish timepiece with a marble effect that offers versatility in any setting. Whether you want it to make a bold statement or seamlessly blend in with its surroundings, this clock delivers both aesthetics and functionality.

With the ability to set alarms for three different times, it is ideal for various spaces such as the living room, playroom, bedside, or guest room. Placing it on your bookshelf ensures that you always have the time at hand while enjoying a moment away from your cell phone.

To ensure convenience, the Block Clock comes with a USB cable and batteries. You have the option to plug it in with a USB for extended battery life, making it a practical choice for long-term use.

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Display Always on

One of the cool functions of the Block clock is that it goes into sleep mode and wakes up when you touch it or make a sound.  Similar to the 80's clap-on clap-off switch.  If you rather keep it on all the time all you need to do is hit the Down button on the back, look at the display, and make sure you switch from 

on:sd  to --:sd

with --:sd  the display will always be on


Instruction Video:


Clock display keeps turning off:

One of the cool features of the block clock is that it blends in with the surrounding.  Meaning the digital display turns off automatically.  When it hears a noise like a (clap) or you touch it will flash the time.  

If you want to keep the display on all the time.  Click and hold set, then go through all the settings until you reach the last one which is


change it to


Then the display will remain visible all the time.


The clock keeps flashing time, temp and date, I only want time!!!

Press the set button and choose dp-2


How to switch from Fahrenheit to Celcius?

Use the up button on the back and toggle to F or C whichever one you prefer.


How to turn the alarms OFF?

Follow the easy steps on the video. 

"on:A1"   - for On

"--:A1"   - for off



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