Mirror Mirror On The Wall....

Mirror Mirror On The Wall....

I am especially happy to write this new blog post. Because we have some great news - if you haven't already discovered them in our online store already.

During the pandemic, the Cloudnola design team certainly didn't sit around lazily hanging their heads. Instead, their minds were on some awesome new products that are now finally available to you in our online store.
I would bet you're already familiar with our Hooks and Shelves, which we introduced earlier this year. Since launching these items we hear more often: but don't you guys at Cloudnola specialize in wall clocks?

Well, we got off the ground with our wall clocks but the plan to add more and other functional home decor items to the product line has been in place for a long time.

And we are thrilled with how well our new products came out and how well they have been received by our customers. We hope the same for our new decorative mirrors. Let's start by taking a look at the...


The Cloudnola Boo Mirrors are wonderful for your makeup table, bathroom, or simply as an eye-catching accent piece on a shelf.

A simple minimalist Dutch design that can fit into just about any interior. Cloudnola Boo Mirrors are distinguished by their material and shape. We are talking about steel here. No plastic that looks cheap and 08/15. The mirror is made of one piece of steel. This is what makes it so exceptionally minimalist and pure.

With the Cloudnola Boo Mirror, you get a carefully beveled mirror that also sets a hip accent. No frippery. At 15 cm in diameter, it's the perfect size for touching up makeup, plucking eyebrows, putting on lipstick and more.

The mirror is perfectly curved so that you can stand or sit in front of it and do your work. You're spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing the color.

We have three variations of the Clodnola Boo Mirror for you.

Cloudnola Boo Mirror Black

Black is always a good choice. You can do very little wrong with this color. It subtly blends into any interior and simply looks elegant. A mirror that was simply reduced to the essentials. It looks very unobtrusive and yet absolutely not boring. Perfect for vintage and retro interiors. 

Cloudnola Boo Mirror Turquoise

A summer, pastel color that will give your bathroom or any other room a nice refresh. The color brings a cheerful and uplifting effect. Perfect for a happy home.

Cloudnola Boo Mirror Pink

More likely a ladies' favorite. Just like the turquoise mirror, this shade of pink shines passion and positivity. A splash of color in your bathroom. A light vintage touch that is guaranteed to stand out and give your interior that extra wow factor. You can not get enough of this mirror. 

All Cloudnola Boo Mirrors are round and have a diameter of 15 cm. The combination of glass and metal is elegant and puristic. An absolute must-have object for your home. The mirror also makes a great gift for a housewarming or for the kid who is now going to college and moving out. 

Now you know our table mirror. Of course, we have also thought about your wall. Our wall mirrors are just as beautiful as the Cloudnola Boo Mirror. There is probably no other decorative object that is as functional as the mirror. Let's face it - do you use anything else at home more often than your mirror?

Everyone has at least one - everyone needs at least one.

We get ready with it and it shows us in sometimes flattering and sometimes unflattering ways how time flies by. With our new wall mirrors you can create beautiful accents. Whether in the living room, in the entrance area or in the bedroom. The possibilities are truly endless with these fancy models. They are characterized by the wonderful combination of materials. We play with wood, leather and glass. So let's dive into the new wall mirror collection. We start by taking a closer look at the


Cloudnola Stone Mirror Smoke 

A wall mirror with tinted glass that combines functionality and design. Cloudnola Stone Mirror Smoke has a unique shape and convinces with its adaptability to different living spaces. It looks great alone but also especially good in combination with our other models. Solid wood gives the mirror a stable base on the back and the leather loop as a suspension is a real eye-catcher.
The shape and name reveal what the design team thought of when designing this piece: nature. For us at Cloudnola it is important to live in harmony with nature, we believe that it is good to be in nature and to value nature. Therefore, with the shape of the mirror and its color, we want to bring a piece of modernity into the house, that is nevertheless inspired by nature.  

Cloudnola Rock Mirror Rose 


The Cloudnola Rock Mirror Rose is the matching counterpart to the Cloudnola Stone Mirror Smoke. The special feature of this model: the glass is rose-colored. This makes the mirror a decorative object with recognition value. The unique abstract shape makes the beautiful wall mirror a functional art object. And you certainly know that you always look a bit better in warmer light. That is definitely the case with this mirror. A flattering mirror. 


Cloudnola Rock Mirror Clear 

The Cloudnola Rock Mirror Clear then finally completes the trio. Alone or in combination with the colored mirrors, this mirror will look great in the bathroom, hallway and dressing room. 

The leather suspension and the careful bevelling of the mirror give it a very high class and noble look. A functional decorative object that you will not want to miss.
Give your home a refresh and make your space look bigger with a beautiful arrangement of multiple mirrors. The clear mirror to take a quick look at yourself before you leave the house and the tinted mirrors as decorative accents. Guaranteed to be a beautiful ensemble that will cause some envy.
Let's move on to the last model, which is also available in three different finishes or colors.

Cloudnola Reflect Mirror Black 


Highly decorative with recognition value. This mirror in geometric shape sets playful accents and inspires with the beautiful details such as the leather loop as a suspension and the solid back made of wood.

These mirrors can all be combined perfectly with our wall shelf and our hooks. Especially in the entrance area very impressive.

The black model fits easily into any interior and serves as an everyday object and as an art object.

Cloudnola Reflect Mirror White 


To cover the classics, we also have the mirror in white of course.The mirror is a breeze when it comes to mounting it. All you need is one screw. 


Cloudnola Reflect Mirror Pink


To add a playful accent with a splash of color and a good mood - opt for the Reflect Mirror in pink. This one has also been lovingly designed. And the color choice is simply wonderful. Black, white and rose harmonize very nicely with each other and are guaranteed to attract all eyes in combination. 

The round shape of the mirrors is friendly and inviting. Not intrusive and you definitely will not get enough of this mirror. The mirror collection is minimalistic and designed with love. The leather in combination with glass is not seen very often. As always, these new items can be combined very well with other great functional products from the Cloudnola collection.

Have fun browsing our online store. If you order your next mirror based on this blog post, then I' m flattered and want to reward you with 15%. Just use the code 'Sylvina' at checkout.

As always - have a great time and stay positive!





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