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An ode to the beauty of the retro look

Selected materials, easy to combine colors, straight lines and a modern look. The Flip Clock collection by Cloudnola is a symbol of modern retro sophistication.
Eleven elegant Flip Clocks by designer Renée Vendrig play with an original look and a completely different clock mechanism. They impress with elegance and retro-chic. Once again, Cloudnola presents unique functional art with the new Flip Clock models, which you will treasure and want to keep for a long time.
In response to digital wall clocks, Cloudnola has launched the Flip Clock collection. The Flipping Out model comes in three different colors: black, white and gray. The time is displayed in numbers, just like a digital clock. Only that this Flip Clock is so much cooler than a normal clock. I find myself constantly just staring at the clock and waiting for the dial to flip.
Flipping Out White Flip Clock
Gold and white are two such elegant colors that can look simply stunning in combination. Hurry up to get one of the models. The white model is extremely popular with the ladies and might also make a great Mother's Day gift. Gold is different, sensational, dazzling. A real eye-catcher. And that's precisely why gold is also particularly well qualified to set accents.
Flipping Out Grey Flip Clock
Without much effort, this model will add spice to your living room, kitchen, or office. Gray has many faces and that is exactly why gray tones offer numerous design options - whether in the living room, bedroom or dining room. Depending on the color nuance, gray can look cool or warm, simple or charming. The copper tone makes this clock look rather warm. Combined with wooden furniture, gray accents provide coziness. In combination with white, for example with a white couch, gray has a very noble effect. Combined with delicate copper, gray appears warm and friendly, and combined with furniture or other decorative objects in blue, your room gets a fresh and modern look.
Flipping Out Black Flip Clock
You don't have to be afraid to go dark with your decor and interior. You don't even need to have a lot of black, just enough to tie things together.  Choose the black Flipping Out  Clock and combine it with a black coffee table or frame your favorite pictures in black photo frames. And just like that, you've got elegant accents. 

Conversation Piece

The Cloudnola Flip Clock Collection will attract the attention of your visitors. The exposed mechanism lets you see the inner workings of the clocks. In our stores, we see people stop and wait a full minute to see it flip and then grab a friend to show them. At my house, it's the same. It doesn't matter how many times you've seen the clock, it captures your attention every time. And let's be honest: How many clocks can you say that about?
Timeline Black on Black Clock and Floating Shelf
Cloudnola's Flipping Out series was not enough. We went for something even more different and unique. Larger, more magnificent and so clever that the creative spirit of the designer is palpable in the room. 
Texttime Bamboo Clock and Floating Shelf 
The Timeline and Texttime models will absolutely blow your mind. We at Cloudnola are fans of multifunctionality. And that's exactly what our designer has achieved once again with this clock. You can also use the clock as a floating shelf, which means you gain storage space. Let your creativity run wild here and store pen holders, MakeUp, other clutter easily and stylishly set in scene.
Bamboo is beautiful, very sustainable and has a refreshing and natural effect. This jewel is one of my favorites.
Texttime Fire Red Clock and Floating Shelf
You want to stand out even more and set a very bold accent? Get this statement timepiece and incorporate this vibrant color red into your home. Red is exciting and passionate. The color looks simply stunning in combination with various shades of gray, but also with white, petrol and dark blue.

In case you haven't noticed...another feature of Texttime is that the time is written out instead of using numbers. We think that's cool and honestly very very convenient. Many people prefer to read the time, less effort on their brains. 


Texttime Black Clock and Floating Shelf
And of course, this beautiful Texttime Flip Clock is also available in black. The all time favorite that goes with everything. Like the perfectly fitting little black dress that we ladies love so much. You do not want to go too wild but still want to be modern, retro and multifunctional at the same time? With black you very rarely make a mistake. 

Update Transform Refresh

So now you know our cool Texttime Flip Clock. And maybe you are one of those people who think to themselves: I just can't decide. It's so cool to read the time, but I also want to see the open flip mechanism....Well, that's what we thought and so we booked a nice room and locked the Texttime and the Flip Clock up together for a romantic night. They made a baby and that is the Flipping Out Text.
I'm just kidding, credit of course goes to our in house design team. They merged these two wonderful clocks into one. The Flipping Out Text is just as big as the Flipping Out and just as smart as the Texttime. It comes in three different styles and is in high demand.
Black and white, a combination that will never go out of fashion. Shop this look now! I hear from a lot of customers that they especially like this model in the office. You can also place this Flip Clock just the way you like it. Whether on a shelf or on the wall.

The heat is on with this Flip Clock in red. Be bold and shine brighter with this exciting model. You can easily set a great accent. And if there's something you don't like on your wall, you're guaranteed to draw attention elsewhere with this model.  
Let's move on to the last model of the regular Flip Clock series. In all black with white lettering, this wonderful wall clock is guaranteed to be the center of attention. It has never been so much fun to look at a clock and read the time. If you get closer to the clock you can admire the mechanism inside and watch the flips turn the pages with a soothing effect.
Treat yourself to a piece of Cloudnola or give a gift to one of your loved ones. Mother's Day is just around the corner and if someone you know is moving and you need a housewarming gift - a Flip Clock would be a hit. 
If you made it to the end of this post and place your order, use code 'Sylvina" for a little surprise.





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