Using a Clock As Your Decor Focal Point

Using a Clock As Your Decor Focal Point

Desperately searching for a decor focal point? While the humble clock may not be the first object to pop into your mind, there are some great timepiece options that can certainly stand out in your room. Here are some tips on how to fill that blank space with a clock.


Choose a (un)Common Clock
There are a plethora of clocks out there, but you don’t want a standard one. The goal is not so much to see the time but to use the clock as an art piece. This vintage-inspired fish clock pairs swimmingly with almost any decor. It can make your space feel like a serene natural oasis.It can make your space feel like a serene oasis. Alternatively, this stunning simple clock is like a piece of artwork in itself.


Opt for a Classic Look
While the previous two clocks rely on their bold backgrounds to bring the wow-factor, an understated timepiece can still do the trick. On a neutral wall, the glint of this copper clock can provide a focal point and also bring warmth to the room. Similarly, this marble clock has a classic look that works well with nearly any existing decor. Neither option is boisterous, but each will draw attention with their subtle beauty.


Deviate from the Traditional
At first glance, you may not even recognize a few of these clocks as being timekeepers. If you’re looking for a conversation piece, consider an out-of-the-box clock, or in this case one that breaks away from the standard round face. Texttime clocks are Avant-Garde and fun, perfect for a modern room. Flip Clocks compliment rooms and decor with an industrial flair. But they can also create the perfect juxtaposition in spaces that rely heavily on natural materials, such as when placed on a wooden slab table or shelf.


Personalize It
If you want a focal point that is both striking and intimate, consider a City Clock. Emblazoned with the map of a city of your choosing, these black and white stunners are both personal and bold. They are ideal for when you want to commemorate your beloved hometown but would like to do so with class.


Go Big
The final tip? Go oversized with your clock. A large frame screams look at me, making it an obvious choice for a room centerpiece. Instead of mingling and blending in with surrounding decor, large clocks are made to stand out. Choose a frame that is bold and big, and keep the face blank instead of busy. This will provide just the right amount of interest without being overbearing.

Time For a Change

Clocks are often seen as a necessity, used for function instead of style. However, when you get creative with your timepiece you can have a focal point that is both fashionable and functional.

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