What Your Alarm Clock Says About You

What Your Alarm Clock Says About You

Your alarm clock. Chances are you either love it or you hate it. Waking up can be a real drag, or you may look forward to greeting the day.

Your alarm clock settings and style can say a lot about your habits, personality, and even your health!


The Snoozer

When dawn rolls around, do you roll over in bed? It is fair to say that some of us love hitting snooze. So much so that it is becoming more common to set multiple alarms a few minutes apart to ensure that you actually get up. They have even created alarm clocks in which you have to solve a puzzle or do physical activity in order to silence the alarm. If your name and the term “early-riser” would never be mentioned together in a million years, you are probably a snoozer.



What does it mean if the snooze button is your best friend? You may be a little bit of a procrastinator. But hey, another way to look at it is that you work better under pressure!  Still, your avoidance tactics can have a few negative health outcomes.

The lack of proper time management can leave you feeling stressed in the morning. Leaving yourself only five minutes to shower and get dressed probably means that you have to skip breakfast, an important nutritional component to your day. If you find yourself reaching for snooze more often than normal, be sure to check your sleep habits to see if you’re missing out on some precious hours of zzz’s.

Nevertheless, some of us will remain die-hard snooze fanatics. There is nothing like hitting that button and knowing you still have a few minutes of glorious sleep left. After all, you perform best under stress.


Your Alarm Clock Personality Pairing:

The Flor Red Desk Clock. Just like your multiple alarms, this multi-colored face can let you know when it is crunch time. When the hand crosses from pink to red, you better get your butt out of bed!


Sleeping Beauty

Perhaps you don’t repeatedly hit the snooze button, but you still like to sleep in. You enjoy lounging in bed until the last possible second. Sipping your morning cup of coffee, catching the news, or even journaling. You wouldn’t dare be caught out of bed early unless it was in order to try out a new skincare regimen. You rely on your beauty sleep.




 But beauty sleep can come at a price. If you’re too self-indulgent you may miss out on important components of a morning routine, like meditation, exercise, and eating breakfast. Also, be sure that you’re not going to bed too late, causing you to sleep in longer than you should.

Still, a little excess shut-eye never hurt anyone, just look at sleeping beauty, it worked out pretty well for her in the end!

Your Alarm Clock Personality Pairing:

The Glam Gold Alarm Clock. This fancy bedside clock is glamorous, just like you. Its design is a thing of beauty, the ideal clock to ease you out of your beauty sleep.


The Type-A

You know them, you may even be one of them, the early riser who runs ten miles before whipping up a green protein smoothie and heading out to work. Forget multiple alarms, these individuals only need one and it better be early.

Rising before the sun lets you fill your morning with productivity. Sleeping in wouldn’t allow you to check all the tasks off your to-do list. Most type-A people are the epitome of the stereotypical cheery morning person.

While getting things done may be important, and beneficial, don’t let your before-work agenda stand in the way of your health. A full night's rest is equally as important. Early-risers are never late and are often overachievers, which are wonderful qualities unless you are running yourself ragged.


Your Alarm Clock Personality Pairing:

The Factory Red Station Alarm Clock. This no-nonsense clock is perfect for your pragmatic morning routine. You don’t need a lot of bells and whistles, just a clock to tell you what time it is, time to get things done!


Easy Like Sunday Morning

You don’t want to dash out the door without your cup of coffee, but you also don’t plan to write a novel prior to your work commute. You like things old school. Waking up at a sensible hour, with time to have a nice breakfast, maybe read the paper, and then leisurely walk out the door.

Every day can feel like the weekend if you manage your time right. There is no rush but there also isn’t enough time for any extra activities. Your schedule is plain and simple, easy like Sunday morning.



This routine is sensible and sane, just like you. You're very practical and know that in order to succeed you need to get up at a reasonable time, not too early and not too late. Just make sure not to get too stressed when a wrench is thrown into the works. Keep it calm and collected, just like your morning regimen.


Your Alarm Clock Personality Pairing:

The Factory Yellow Numbers Alarm Clock this antique clock suits your old-school routine very well. It harkens back to the days where you could roll out of bed, grab a shower and a full breakfast, and then set off to work, without a worry in the world.



The Anomaly

If you're a natural riser, you're an anomaly. Studies estimate that some 80% of Americans use an alarm to wake up in the morning. If you wake at the same time every day sans a blaring alarm, consider yourself lucky, or unlucky if its the weekend. 

Your Alarm Clock Personality Pairing:

You probably don’t need an alarm clock, but you should still get one anyway because they look so attractive on your bedside table. You also don’t want to let on to your overnight guests that you're an oddity.

The Perfect Pairing


Regardless of your morning style, an alarm clock can help you maintain your schedule. Besides, these gorgeous clocks are so stylish that they can be considered an element of decor. Class up your bedroom and help yourself wake up with an alarm clock

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