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Flipping Out Text Black Français / French

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By now you know us for our Flipping Out Clocks and Our Texttime Clock, so why not merge them.  The flipping out text brings the size of the Flipping Out and the smarts of the Texttime.  I personally rather read the time than look at the numbers.  One less thing to think, my mind is usually full!  Like Steve Jobs would wear the same clothes to avoid wasting time on choosing what to wear, save a couple of seconds and give some neurons a break by reading the time. 


Do young people know how to read the round thing with hands?

Don't worry guys the Flipping Out Text has you.  The new category of digital text clock is perfect for 2021.

Functional Design

So we establish is easier but it's also an amazing design.  It gives you a glimpse into its inner workings.  It has the retro flips and the soothing fall of the flips.  The perfect mix of form and function.  




Dutch Design Wall Mounted Place it on a Shelve/Desk Cloudnola Cares

 Technical Data

Size 14 x 36 x 8.5 cm
5.5 x 14.17 x 3.3 inch

1.04 Kilo
2.29 pounds

Battery 1 D Battery Not Included
Color Black and White
Time AM - PM



 Frequently Asked Questions

How much noise does it make?

It makes the sounds of to papers hitting each other.  At the hour when both sides flip you can hear it a bit more.  


How long does the battery last?

When you use a good quality battery like Duracell longer than a year maybe even longer than two.  The ones in my office have been running since we moved and I never changed the battery, so they are at 1.6 years and counting.


How to Re-Attach A Flip?

Check out this video.  


My flips are bunching up! What's going on???

This means that one of the flips is not on the correct hole.  Following the previous video take out the fist flip that's causing the bunch up and re-attach it. 

How do I reset my clock?

Turn the knob a full  24 hours.


I want to see more!