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How to Use an Analog Alarm Clock

How to Use an Analog Alarm Clock -And why you should use one! In the modern digital world, sometimes there is nothing like a classic. An analog alarm clock may seem like a throwback, but this standby has many great benefits. It won’t fail you during a power outage, you don’t have to worry about pesky blue light, and they are quite reliable. That is, once you learn how to use it correctly. But I promise you, it isn’t that hard!If you would like to skip directly ahead to how to use your alarm clock, click here.   What Is An Analog Alarm Clock? Mechanical alarm clocks date back to the fifteenth century. The fact that they are still used today is a testament...

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The Correct Way To Hang Your Artwork

      You have scoured the galleries, spent hours searching online, even attended numerous flea markets until you finally found your perfect piece of wall art. The most ideal focal point. The piece de resistance of your living room. Or, maybe just something nice to look at while hiding that ugly water stain. Whatever the reason, don’t let bad hanging techniques sabotage your gorgeous wall art.   Rule Number One: The Right Height If you have a single piece of artwork and are not trying to make a themed wall with multiple pieces, there is indeed a “perfect” height. The best height to hang wall art is typically about 60 inches from the center of the artwork to the...

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Tips for Sprucing Up Your Home Office

The home office. What once may have been an occasionally used space can quickly become your daily command center when you find yourself working from home. Chances are when you designed or furnished your home office you didn’t do so with the intention of working from it daily.  As a result, it may not be as comfortable, practical, or inspiring as you hoped.     No one wants to work in a dysfunctional and lackluster office space. Such a place will likely make it hard to stay motivated. If your home office is desperate for a makeover, we have a few tips to help you spruce it up. Your space will become more appealing, functional, and pleasant!   Consider your...

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Contemporary Decor, What Is It and How to Achieve It?

While some may refer to contemporary design as “modern” this is not the case. These two styles are quite different. When you study the design elements, the difference becomes apparent.     What is Modern?  Modern refers to a design style that began around the start of the twentieth century and carried on through the seventies and eighties. In other words, modern is a past era, even though this seems counterintuitive. Modern design elements use a monochromatic scheme, or hues all the same color. The palette tends to be earthy. Modern design also uses natural materials and pared-down, simple details. If these aspects are modern and not contemporary, then what is contemporary? I am glad you asked.   What is...

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