Design trend #risograph - RISO CLOCKS

Design trend #risograph - RISO CLOCKS

The colourful Riso wood clocks are designed by the Cloudnola design team. The clocks are a real homage to the decades old Risograph stencil machine, which was originally created for office copying and administrative use in Japan in the 1980th.


Let us tell you a bit about the art of Riso. 

The Risograph is a stencil duplicator. This method is a cross between screen printing and photocopying. 

In Japanese 'Riso' means 'ideal' and the word 'Kagaku' means 'science'. 

The technique is similar to digital screen printing. You scan an image and first make a paper stencil that wraps around the ink drum so the printer could make a stamp of each individual color and put the puzzle together to greater a slightly imperfect vibrant image. This unpredictability makes the Riso art challenging and adventurous as even if you plan your layers to perfection, you will still get something unique and unexpected.



Since a couple of years the risograph art makes a comeback both physically and digitally as an aesthetic. Artists and designers love this technique, they create beautiful abstract artwork, posters, and ads for the fashion- , home interior- and music industry.


The Cloudnola Riso Clocks honor the Riso art perfectly while the individual vivid colors blend into a beautiful pattern and like in screen printing you mix two colors and get the third one. The geometric split just brings another level of minimalistic design.  



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