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What Your Alarm Clock Says About You

Your alarm clock. Chances are you either love it or you hate it. Waking up can be a real drag, or you may look forward to greeting the day. Your alarm clock settings and style can say a lot about your habits, personality, and even your health!   The Snoozer When dawn rolls around, do you roll over in bed? It is fair to say that some of us love hitting snooze. So much so that it is becoming more common to set multiple alarms a few minutes apart to ensure that you actually get up. They have even created alarm clocks in which you have to solve a puzzle or do physical activity in order to silence the alarm....

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How To Hang a Wall Clock

The Perfect Placement   A clock is a thing of beauty. Both functional and fashionable, these modern-day masterpieces definitely deserve a spot on your wall. But while hanging a clock may seem like a simple task, there is actually a bit more to it. The placement of this practical, yet decorative, home furnishing can have a big impact on your space.   Bad Feng Shui? Contrary to what some may believe, a wall clock is not bad feng shui. The thought of throwing off your positive energy may originate with superstitions surrounding clocks in Chinese culture. Clocks typically signify time ticking away, and ultimately running out. Which is possibly why they can be considered a rude gift, especially on Chinese...

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Thinking About Buying A Clock? Here’s What You Should Know

    When buying anything, whether it is a clock or a house, you’ll need a bit of reference information to help you figure out what you want, and more importantly, what is the best value for your money. With as many clocks as there are on the market, it’s easy to get confused or become indecisive about a purchase. That’s why we’ve combined a quick little guide to help you make the best decision.  Here are 3 of the most important things you should consider when purchasing a clock: Your budget   So, the first thing you should establish when buying anything at all, especially a clock, is your budget.  Before you can establish a budget, you need to...

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Using a Clock As Your Decor Focal Point

Desperately searching for a decor focal point? While the humble clock may not be the first object to pop into your mind, there are some great timepiece options that can certainly stand out in your room. Here are some tips on how to fill that blank space with a clock.   Choose a (un)Common ClockThere are a plethora of clocks out there, but you don’t want a standard one. The goal is not so much to see the time but to use the clock as an art piece. This vintage-inspired fish clock pairs swimmingly with almost any decor. It can make your space feel like a serene natural oasis.It can make your space feel like a serene oasis. Alternatively, this stunning...

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