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Eight Simple Tricks To Refresh Your Room

Are you short on time and money but craving a new look for your room? We have some great affordable and quick tips on how to refresh your space. Whether it be your bedroom or your living room, sometimes we just need to change things up. And if you have been spending way too much time indoors lately, chances are you are ready for a room refresh.    Screw Up Hooks     Tidy Up. This one is so simple it almost seems too easy, but tidying up can completely change the look of the space. Putting away clothes, organizing your entryway table, and even discarding old magazines can really make a difference in the appearance.  Showroom Wall Rack Black...

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Stylish and Cozy Fireplace Mantel Decor Ideas

Who doesn’t love a well-decorated mantel?   Flipping Out White Flip Clock   You can make this humble fireplace shelf the focal point of your room with a few select pieces of decor. There is no better place to spend the cooler months than indoors beside a crackling fire. Now you can make your fireplace feel more seasonal and festive with these fireplace mantel decor ideas.    Texttime Black Clock and Floating Shelf   A Few Tips Before we start, here are a few tips when it comes to fireplace mantel decor.  Get creative! Try your hand at layering, using different textures, and incorporating items of different sizes. Seasonal decor can often be about using warm and earthy tones, meaning...

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